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  1. What are the arguments for and against BYOD programs? Please cite your sources!

    With all this push for technology in schools and the movement into the 21st century learning, schools need to actually provide the technology.  However, this can be an expensive undertaking, so Bring Your Own Device programs can help with this issue. Like all programs, it can have its positives and negatives.  BYOD programs can help save money if implemented properly.  Students can have access all the time.  “There’s never an excuse to be idle, because there’s always information available.” (Should Schools Embrace “Bring Your Own Device”).  In this day and age, most students already have some kind of cutting-edge device, and would be more comfortable using their own.  Students also might take more care in protecting their own personal device as opposed to “school property.” (20 Pros and Cons of Implementing BYOD in schools).  Another benefit to BYOD is that students would have access to all their own work and notes at all times.  Students would be able to finish projects at home, send from home, etc.  If schools didn’t have a one-to-one program but just had ipads or computers available to use, finishing work or having work at home would not be an option.  Students might also be able to have some individual and personal apps and there might be more opportunities for personalized learning where students can excel at their own pace (20 Pros and Cons of implementing BYOD in schools).  Finally, implementing bring your own device (BYOD) programs in school districts may be one way for educators to improve student engagement, to interact with peers, to improve communication and to extend the place and time of learning, not restricting learning to the classroom (BYOD use in the classroom).

    Now for the negatives of BYOD programs.  Equity is an issue to consider. “Forget being teased for clothing choices, now, perhaps it is because the child cannot afford the next-gen iPad, or the phone they have is only an old Nokia (Should Schools Embrace “Bring Your Own Device”).  Districts would need to provide some of the technologies (iPads etc.) for those students who do not have such technologies and promote sharing among students in group work if technologies are not available to all students. Schools would also need to update their wireless infrastructure to accommodate wireless technologies. Teachers would need the right attitude and training to implement BYOD programs in the classroom and adjust their instruction and lessons to promote mobile learning.  (BYOD use in classroom).  Another challenge to a BYOD program is that students might forget to actually BRING their own device or have it charged.  It also makes cheating and cyberbullying much easier along with all the other distractions of having their own apps, games, and texting right there in front of them.


  2. If you were in a position to implement BYOD in your school, would you do so? Why or why not?

    Actually, students can bring their own device to our school.  I don’t think students completely take advantage of it though.  I might have an average of 3-4 students a year that will actually bring an ipad or laptop to school.  I think it is great if students bring their own device.  The main thing they use it for is note-taking and then assignments that have to be typed like a lab report.  Those students never have to mess with getting a computer from the cart, finishing work in class, etc.  I think it is great that they take advantage of that opportunity.  However, for the most part, all of those students that actually have had their own device are some of my top students that are concerned with grades and are just good students in general.  I have one student right now that has an ipad and likes to play his games when he finishes his work (quickly).  So, maybe not always great.  All the other students in the class then get jealous of his game playing or want to crowd around him to watch.  

  3. Provide links to the articles that you used (at least three).

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